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Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 11:02 pm Reply with quote
I see its closed but Arclight suggested I fill it out anyway.

In game name: Jakjak
Class: Paladin
Race: Dorf
Level: 60
Professions: Miner/Engi
Rare or useful recipes/formulas: Hmm flame reflector is possibly the most rare of the items I can make.

IRL Name: Colin
Age: 35
Country: UK

Access to MC: Y
Access to BWL: Y
Access to Onyxia: Y

Current gear and why you use it: LF, LB, Judgement Head - class items. Fire res cloak. some funky zul gurrub axe with +22 int on it.

Your unbuffed fire resistance: I think its about 120

Former guilds on Bronzebeard: Knights of Infinity/Driven
Why do you want to join Chimera? Thalacus offered me a blowjob if I joined.
Any member in Chimera that can vouch for you? Thalacus or Mirrodin dpending on which of the many hes playing

Describe yourself and why we should pick you: Good player, some might say moody. Tactically tested and aware what a pala needs to do in the endgame instances.

Other information that you may want to share with us (work, family): Work/C++ monkey for a multinational bluechip company.
Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 12:23 am Reply with quote
Thalacus offered me a blowjob if I joined.

this HAS the be the best reason for joining Chimera lol
Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:57 pm Reply with quote
Thalacus suggest I also inform you that I have a 2h DPS Warrior. Alch/Herb.

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