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Posted: Sat Apr 15, 2006 1:05 am Reply with quote
In game name: Staromar
Class: hunter
Race: Night Elf
Level: 60
Professions: Elemental LW, Skinning
Rare or useful recipes/formulas:

IRL Name: Andy
Age: 26
Country: UK

Access to MC:
no (working on it)

Access to BWL:

Access to Onyxia:

Current gear and why you use it:

4 BS, Black Dragonscale Shoulders, Dark Phantom Cape, Knight Liutenant Gloves, Helm of Nerv, BSH, Talon Shredder, Dwarven hand cannon, Rune of Tel'thandris, Blackhands Breath.....all blues except neck and 2 epics.

All agility and attack power except the Helm of Nerv which gives nice stam for pvp. Not desparate for more BS cus my other items are pretty strong.

Your unbuffed fire resistance:
19 maybe more.

Former guilds on Bronzebeard:
equality, The Pie Club. Didnt have end game commitment.

Why do you want to join Chimera?
end game raids, play with ppl that wont hold me back

Any member in Chimera that can vouch for you?
actually dont know any that well, played with Jiqui and a few others in UBRs about a week ago

Describe yourself and why we should pick you:
I have high dps for hunter, hardly ever mess up cc, can own up to any mistakes i make, i dont think i am selfish player like many others u seems to play with(wont run off to Bg, etc) and can follow instructions and willing ot learn.

Other information that you may want to share with us (work, family):
just finishing 1st year of uni so have planty of time for late night raids Smile
Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:07 pm Reply with quote
Thank you for your application. Unfortunately your class is currently closed for recruitment.

We will have your application in mind if anything changes.

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