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Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 9:29 am Reply with quote
my character : My character is a lvl 60 warlock, his name is wickedsanta on the bronzebeard server. He is mostly destruction builded.. with some other additions. I would respec if this is needed for the guild. His proffesions are lvl 300 tailoring and lvl300 skinning, i might switch to other proffesions later.. not sure about this yet. Rolling Eyes i dont have attunement done yet but this will be my first priority.

about me :
Hello all Im Willem, im from holland, my age is 24 and i like WoW alot, Very Happy im playing in periods, this means sometime i can play 8 hours a day.. sometimes i cannot play for one or two days. One thing that stands is that im online every weekend and mostly every night.

Also im good in organisation stuff.. wich im not hoping to do alot .. but if needed i can allways give a helping hand... so thats about who i am.

what im looking for :
Im looking for a guild who are really into teamplaying and going instances on a periodic base.. i mean by this that i can ensure myself and make appointments with members to go every evening or every weekend to an instance. A cool addition to this would be teamspeak and a dkp system. Offcourse im looking for alot of fun and friendships too but i think this will go hand in hand with real teamplay.

my motivation :
My char have been in the Serenity guild for a while now, where i had a very good time and some teaming experience but im looking for more action and more teamplay right now. This is why i hope i can join ur guild cuz i hear u pretty much fits into my needs and im guessing i fit also into your needs

feel free to /w me for a talk about my application or just a chat / interview / instance Laughing ...

Thanks to all in advance
Posted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 9:44 am Reply with quote
In game name: WickedSanta
Class: Warlock
Race: Gnome
Proffesions: Tailoring300, Skinning300
/played at lvl 60:

IRL Name: Willem
Age: 24
Country: Netherlands

MC access: not yet
Onyxia access: not yet
BWL access: not yet

Current gear:

Former guilds on Bronzebeard: Serenity

Describe yourself: see previous post for this ^
Why would we pick you?: see previous post for this ^

Name three things you are good at in the game: teamplaying, organising, learning
Name three things you are not that good at in the game: u tell me..

Cola or Pepsi?: Coca cola or pepsi all fits me as long as it isnt diet or low sugar Razz

Additionall information, computer info, hobbys, girlfriends etc:

i like computers, games, movies, music
no girlfriend atm ;// good for playing Razz

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