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Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 5:04 am Reply with quote
About you
- IRL Name: My name is Marius Larsen
- Age: I am 17 years of age( I would think of myself as a mature person, many say so and 17year olds acting childish is just.....)
- Country:
I am from norway
About your char
- In game name:Zethal(changed from Ahleaxs)
- Class: Shaman
- Current Realm (if different from Bronzebeard): I am on bronzebeard
- Up to change talents build according to raid needs?: yes I am I got t6 ele and ehance gear so should be allright:) (just offspec gear btw) sunwell neck and something like that:)
- Rare or useful recipes (optional):
- Is this your Main Char?: Yes
- Alts: none
- Your armory profile link:
- Comments on armory profile (optional):
note that I have changed my name to Zethal so unless u cant find my character in the armory link provided check out the name Zethal btw, I might have my Sunwell shoulders on but i prefer using my t6 shoulders.. they match my outfit:P and Btw I do have full shadow res gear:)
- If available, a link to a WWS report is surely appreciated:
sorry Do Not have Sad

Experience in raid instances (specify if on another char and the name)
- Pre-TBC (mc, bwl, nax):
- Karazhan: Clear
- Gruul's Lair: clear
- Magtheridon's Lair: clear
- SSC: clear
- The Eye: clear
- MH: clear
- BT: clear
- SWP: 4 bosses down

- Can you attend raids 5 days/week, in particular from 8PM to midnight/1AM? yes I canand will:), even tho if i might not get a raid spot I will still meet up fully prepared for the raid:)
- Where you play (home, internet point, other):
I play from my home:)

- Former guilds on Bronzebeard and why you left them:
I was in whatever i left them becuse I couldent be arshed waiting for a new guild to make progress with absolutly no team connection what so ever.. so i did the right thing that I felt and left:)
- Why do you want to join Chimera?
Well just as some other guilds here I have heard that Chimera is one of the best on Bronze beard and I am afther a seriously good and dedicated raid team. allso a team I can progress with in the wotlk expansion:) but allso can have that social behaviour at the side:)
- Any member in Chimera that can vouch for you?
Afriad not:(
- The raid leader is drunk and not making too much sense. What do you do?
well to be honest I would probably laugh:P. But ofcourse try letting him explain him/herselfs again and see how it goes, or maybe ask someone else like a officer or high ranked member to take control of the raid:)
- Describe yourself and why we should pick you:
Well I am a wery social and helpful person that have no problem helping others that might need my help, either if its for quests boost or just need me for a heroic or raid:). but becides that I am a wery Serious person when it comes to raiding, I do not annoy anyone but I like to take the job seriously to make sure it actually gets done like clearing bosses...Smile
- Other information that you may want to share with us (work, family):
Nope not that I can think of but if you got any questions feel free to ask:)
- You have read and accepted the recruitment requirements. yes
Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:59 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 14 May 2006 Posts: 899 Location: Edinburgh
Declined for being wtfpwned by Rooth ... gotta love those echo guys Smile

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Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 12:05 am Reply with quote
Juroma wrote:
Declined for being wtfpwned by Rooth ... gotta love those echo guys Smile

ofc he got wtfpwned by Rooth. Rooth is swedish. Razz

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