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The Guild
We are the oldest end-game raiding guild on Bronzebeard, with long experience in base WoW contents and its expansions. For current progress check the home page, for previous progress check the achievements section.

Key features
  • We do not accept traded, ebayed or shared accounts. You must own the account from which you play and you are responsible for its safety;
  • We place great emphasis on a mature attitude towards others and the game while not forgetting to laugh. This works both with guildies and non guildies;
  • Writing and speaking a passable english is required as that's the standard language in the guild;
  • You must be Willing to put in the time needed to learn new encounters and face the costs this will inevitably entail as well as assisting in grinding for mats needed for the guild to progress. This includes accepting raid planning based on guild needs and targets, not individual preferences;

  • Being level 90;
  • Having gear adequate to our tier of progress;
  • Being able to raid from 8.30pm to 12pm or 1am Server Time;
  • Being able to raid at least 4 days/week, with 5/5 being a firm advantage;
  • Being 18 years of age or over;

New recruits will be taken in for a trial period to determine their suitability to the guild and vice versa. Trial periods last for about 2 weeks worth of raiding. You will be required to have installed raid mods, that are mandatory without exceptions.

Chimera is a PVE guild. This means that our target is to raid instances. If you are strongly interested in PVP, you should probably look for a more PVP oriented guild.

How to apply
You can apply posting in the recruitment forum. An application template can be found in the recruitment section and you can also approach officers through whispers ingame. When applying in the forum, post as guest and please do not register; accounts are activated for members only.

The following are Officers that are always ready to answer questions.

  • Alaghar
  • Awoogie
  • Chalqualn
  • Cnut
  • Cofs
  • Danray
  • Lycaon

If you do not wish that the application be made public then you can send us a private application. For private applications we require you to fill in the Application template and then e-mail it to

You can always leave an application: it will be considered as soon as your class is needed.

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General Informations.

Respect for others
The primary rule in this guild is to excercise proper respect for other players in the game, guild or non-guild. This means all members are expected to refrain from behaving hostile or disrespectful toward any other player regardless of the reason.
If you experience others players misbehaving towards you, try to solve the matter with the person involved in a civilized matter. If this is not possible, bring the matter to an officer or you class leader in cases where the other player is a guild member: officers will try to solve or rule on the issue. In cases where the other player is not a guild member, use the ignore feature implemented in the game rather than go flaming in any public channel or trying to offend the other player.
All guildies are expected to follow this rule, as Chimera members.

The guild is organized in ranks for better management and raid organization:
    - The Man
    - Guild Master
    - Officer
    - Council (Non raid leading officers)
    - Elders (Officers retired from active raiding)
    - Raider
    - Member
    - Alt
    - Initiate
    - Social Member

Members and Raiders
Members are players already in the guild that currently can't afford the raid schedule, mainly due to RL issues. Raiders are the most active/experienced players, and have priority on invites for high-end instances.
Newly recruited initiates will have to display an activity level enough to become raider, as we recruit basing on the "raiders roster" needs. This simply means to join as many raids as possible showing that you know how to play your class in raids.

Recruiting and trial
As this guild is very much into endgame contents we have set our sight on recruiting only players that meet as much as possible specific requirements (mainly referring to playtime activity and overall skill in playing their class/raid experience). Newly recruited members will start as initiates. Initiates canít have alts in the guild and in raids comes after members for loot.

If you for some reason are/will be absent for a long time, explain this to an officer/class leader, & post on the forum.
Any members of the guild who are absent for more than 14 days without explanations could be kicked from the guild (this does not apply to alts of an active member). Exceptions may happen, officers decide on this matter.
If you for some reason were unable to give notice of your absence, explain this to an officer or class leader and you may be recruited back in.

Chimera is a PVE guild. This means that members can enjoy PVP but not loose focus on PVE requirements concerning talent build, playtime and gear. If pvp is what makes your game, you should look for a more pvp oriented guild.

Current progress can be seen in the homepage, and an history of the guild progress is visible in the achievements section.

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Basic Loot Rules

1) Need
You only need an item that is an improvement of your current gear and which you can and intend to use. You can only need an item for the character you are currently playing, and you can't roll need for tradeskill/profession items. There are few exceptions, we'll get to those further down.

2) Items Bind on Pickup (BoP)
The general rule for items that are BOP is for people who need an item to roll need and for people who greed an item to pass. If all players greed an item you do a manual roll for it after everyone has passed the item.
The reason to pass when you greed is to allow an enchanter to disenchant the item for whomever won the roll if he/she wish. If there is no enchanter in the party you can agree in advance to roll greed on these items.

3) Items Bind on Equip (BoE)
These items are rolled need/greed immediately as they can be traded later if any mistake occur. Do NOT roll disenchant.

4) If an item drops for another party member while you are doing something else (playing elsewhere while staying in the party) you pass on the item, as the kill and the loot belong to the player(s) actually doing the work. This rule does not apply to instances/dungeons when you are dead or for some reason not able to participate in the fight.

5) All gems and other tradeskill items are generally greed unless party has agreed otherwise in advance. If you need an item for tradeskill you can always ask the party if it's ok that you roll need on it. Most of the time they will allow you to do so, but accept that they can say no.

6) Class set items belong to the class it is originally intended for. If you have no player of that class or the player of that class already have that item BoP rules apply. Pass the item and find out afterwards who need it. If you are uncertain about a class set item, ask your group or guild before rolling for it.

7) A lot of new/other players outside guild will not be practising these loot rules, make sure you agree with party on how looting is done in advance of the instance. Accept that players outside guild may have different views and try to come to a solution that is best for all parties involved.

8.) Most of these rules can be disregarded if agreed with party in advance of doing the instance. If you are uncertain if you can roll on an item, ask before rolling.

9) Looting in combat is a bad habit as the roll-box often covers vitals part of the screen and puts pressure on players to remove the box as fast as possible. This often cause players to choose the wrong option when rolling. Try to avoid looting while people are still fighting.

10) For looting in raids, raid leader will change to master looter to make sure no mistakes are made there.

11) In the raid instances we are practicing a few exceptions to regular need. The classes most suited to wear an item will be allowed to roll first, as decided by the raid leader. We are using an internal version of zero-sum DKP system.

We expect from guild members to be correct and fair while playing with pickup groups. Misbehaviour on this matter is not accepted.

originally compiled by Arclight

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