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Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 2:26 pm Reply with quote
Talent build: What ever you want
Professions:300herbalism and 300 alchmey with rare recepts

What is your unbuffed Fire Resist :155

What is your unbuffed Nature Resist :80 (can get more really quick if needed)

Your equipment Gear For Tier 0: just got enchants on my *main set*

I also got a quite nice tanking set if the guild want to invest in a bear tank

Your equipment Gear For Tier 0.5:none

Your equipment Gear For Tier 1:none

Your equipment Gear For Tier 2:none

Your equipment Gear Misc:Well full wildhearth and some nice blue healing rings/necks

Raid Instance Keys :
Molten Core [ x ]
Blackwing Lair [ x ]
Onyxia [ x ]
Naxx [ x ]

Age :14

Faction Reputation:

Previous Realms:Bloodhoof

What previous guilds have you been a member of?:With my druid, none

How active are you and what hours do you play?:i normally play 15.00-00.00 doing swimming every day exept mondays but can raid monday friday saturday sunday

Our Raiding time is 20.00pm to ? Game Time Does This Suit You :Perfect

What past raid experience do you have?:With my hunter i have experience from everything up to c'thun on farm and kill on anub (first boss in naxx)

Do u Have CT Raid And If U Don't Can U Get It :check

Do u Have TeamSpeak And If U Don't Can U Get It :check

Why Do U Want To Join Chimera :I got tired of raiding with my hunter so stopped and started leveling a druid. I feel i would like to start raiding again so i thougth why not with my druid. this guild seems perfect for me. Rigth raiding times and so on. My druid is at the bloodhoof server at the moment but im planing on moving her here if i'm getting a raid invite to your guild

happy hunting greetings serania! Smile

And btw this is my own template wich i use for all guild hope it aint a problem Smile
Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2006 3:50 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 20 Jan 2006 Posts: 2054 Location: Iceland
Thank you for your shown interrest in joining chimera, but I'm afraid we the druid class is full.

Thx again.
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