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Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 5:52 pm Reply with quote
In game name: Daerion
Class: Priest
Race: Night elf
Level: 60
Current build: 27-24-0
Professions: Alchemy and Herbalism
Rare or useful recipes/formulas: Major Mana Potion- Greather Fire/shadow Potion

IRL Name: Christian " Chris" Micheelsen
Age: 18
Country: Denmark "Fræer"

Access to MC: YES
Access to BWL: YES
Access to Onyxia: no, but Iīm on it. The Dragonīs Eye ATM..

Current gear and why you use it.
Allmost Full Devout/ Virtuous still need the Skrit
Darkmoon card: Twisting Nether. Glowing Brightwood staff+ 22INT.
With buff I have on a good day around 7.7k mana. and 3.8k life.

Would you be willing to change your talent build if necessary?

Your unbuffed fire/nature/frost resistances:
Fire 18. how ever I soon will have 50.
Frost 8
Natur 33

Your weekly average playtime; days/hours?
I normaly play app 5+ hours every day. But Iīm in USA from the 28 next week. So I can only play in the Weekends + a littel bit every night.

Is this your main character? Yes this is my Main.

Former guilds on Bronzebeard and why you left them:
Alliance Overlords- Serenity- Mystic- Alliance Overlords
Joined AO at lev 8 left at lev 54 to join Serenity. Serenity Joined Mystic and I went back to Alliance overlords.

Why do you want to join Chimera?
I need a Good and friendly Guild that do Raids. And not just UBRS 1 time every 2 weeks...Witch AO do ATM..

Any member in Chimera that can vouch for you?
Airerûn and I speek with Ravnstrup some times.

The raid leader is drunk and not making too much sense. What do you do? If the raid shall go on.
I would perfer that the 2 in rank become new Raisleader and do the rest of the Instance.

Describe yourself and why we should pick you:
Well I canīt say why you shall pick me... But Iīm Friendly, kind funny" Well I think I am" a good player that know what a priest should do and shall do. I have alot of Xp from doing 5 and 10 ppl Instance, with Sype and Vintrillo.

Other information that you may want to share with us that may affect your application (work, family):
I īm in USA as I said befor, so I canīt play every night but I will Do what ever I can to join every raid where you can be in need of me. Othervise every 1 can contact my on

Now I hope I have done it right Question
Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 11:48 pm Reply with quote
I got Onyxia Key now...

And around 60 Fire ress aswell

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2006 11:54 pm Reply with quote
And pls give me a answer sometime ?

Otherways I have 2 change to a USA server and find new guild...

Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 12:03 am Reply with quote
don't count on a fast answer this late at night...
since your class is full (except a dwarf, according to the sticky) i'd not expect an answer at all, at least not in the very near future.
good thing you have all the keys at least, that's always a big +
Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:43 am Reply with quote
Joined: 09 Apr 2006 Posts: 838
Apologies for the late reply. As you state yourself, you being in the US of A doesn't help your application. We need people that can play during the week, since our main raiding days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights for about 4-5 hours each night. We feel it is a chance we can't take recruiting someone that will most likely be unavailable for most of those days.

Good luck however with finding a guild on the US servers, there are a lot of great ones and they would for obvious reasons be more able to cater to your play time.
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Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 7:05 pm Reply with quote
okay... Sad well there are nothing I can do about that. Even though it suckes, But thanks anyway..

Btw any of you dudeīs know a good US server`???


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