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Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:38 pm Reply with quote
About you
- IRL Name: Nuks
- Age: 25
- Country: Austira
- How long have you been playing WOW?: 5 years

About your character
- In game name: Catalüst
- Your armory profile link:
- Class: Rogue
- Mainspec: Assassination 31/2/8
- Offspec: Subtetly 31/5/5 only for pvp
- Describe your playstyle: ok here we go on boss fight:As tank gonna about to pull boss i trick him than fast before combat start drink one Tol'vir Agility so i can use one more in fight too than stealth garrote spamm 2x mulltiate than slice and dice 2 x multiate than rupture than rotate 3x multiate envenom 2x multiate rupture fight like major domo and ragnaross are more aoe damage there so faint is more than usefull there as cloak of shadow too Smile Prio on stacking stats Agility hit capped mastery haste crit
- How long has this character been your Main Character?: last 2.5 years
- Current Realm (if different from Bronzebeard): BB
- Up to change talents build according to raid needs?: Sure
- Comments on armory profile (optional): will go first for sholders tier as we have imba buff now with tricks than second trinket and dagger offhand
- Please list Alts of significance with Armory link:
- If available, a link to a WWS/WMO or WOL report is surely appreciated:
- Post a screenshot of your UI.

Experience in raid instances (specify if on another char and the name)

25 Man Raiding
Cataclysm - 6/7 Firelands 25 man
ICC - hc 11/12
TotGC - done
Ulduar - done
Pre-WotLK - AQ 40 5 bosses down

10 Man Raiding
Cataclysm - 6/7 and got raggy on 16 % best try
ICC - done
TotGC - done
Ulduar - done
Pre-WotLK - /

- Can you attend raids at least 4 days/week, in particular from 8:45PM to midnight/1AM (Server time)? Sure i can play all week online at weekends too
- Where you play (home, internet point, other): Home

- Guild history and why you left them: Vanilla played horde in Conviction guild with rogue named pwner but they dissbaned end of vanila so i join Bad Karma have nice time there but id midle of expansion guild got some problems and alot ppl left so we was screw and cant do 25 mans after one mounth i left guild and changed to aliance where i join Fokus great guild ws raid with them rest of tbc and nice period in WOTLK we do rly good that time but after yogg saron was killed alot ppl left guild and was dissbaned than i join Echo got with em 11/12 HC icc ..

- Why do you want to join Chimera? Chimera is one of oldest and most progress guild on BB with a good reputacion and i am hardcore player with hunger to raid Smile and i want to kill that elemental raggy rly bad Very Happy
- What do you see as the most important things you bring to a raid? My skills brain good dps even on new ecounters focus flasks food potions

- Any member in Chimera that can vouch for you? Nope

- The raid leader is drunk and not making too much sense. What do you do? Well i will ask someone to take lead Smile

- Describe yourself and why we should pick you: 'm a very friendly talkative person. I have quite an impulsive, care free nature and I love getting to know people i know how to play my class very well love also to make fun and jokes :)As far as new fights go, I'm a very quick learner and I do not make the same mistakes twice. I look for tactic before we get to that boss and focus on what raid leader saying on vent always online before raid with flask food and potions rdy and if i cant come i let some ppl i guild (preferably officer )about that

- Other information that you may want to share with us (work, family): I am 25 year old male live in city Wien Smile Working from 08:00 till 16.00 and games are my passion Smile its not just a game, its game i am almost play 5.5 years same tune so thats can tell what contact i have with that world Smile

- You have read and accepted the recruitment requirements. Idd i am Smile

Ty for your time to read what i wrote Smile
take care and make good choice because this man is hunter for kill Smile
Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:26 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 17 Jan 2010 Posts: 159
Hi Catalust, thanks for your application, officers will let you know the answer as soon as possible.
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Posted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:55 pm Reply with quote
Ty for the fast answer i stay tuned Smile
Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:30 am Reply with quote
Joined: 26 Nov 2007 Posts: 506 Location: Netherlands
I've just got a few questions for you out of curiosity.

On a couple pieces of your gear you've reforged expertise instead of crit rating.
Did you do this with a reason? (since your not half way on the cap and crit is a assi rogues weakest stat.)

Second, on your rotation you seem to be wasting your first combo points on the SnD, or maybe I've just misread it. But in my opinion you open with Garrote > SnD > (if a combo point is up > rupture) / (if not shiv/mut > rupture) > mutilate > Envenom > After this do a 1+ rupture and a 4+ mutilate

Otherwise, good luck with you application
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Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 10:07 am Reply with quote!/dVDLboMwEPwXn32ICTSW5kQPRaWHNhGQKoiDDcG2kCI1IknTr+/agNoeuiut9zEzu3ItOOuzL4ikQHSCLQZ0qQH68R3B3D2n4asfdqnEYm4sIGK1tAPHXS0QXeaG9KA9ge5/QGb/DLF+wazmrobkUw8JqiUR+p9l7vZJksM0yyg9+9RW+XSFkW/LORFsjuj4a/kTHR5vZmW7HafqcarSQGOctbZb7YaPylWHlTqovqWeLltotYXWa+hSM17XkicNZ4K06C8gyGUcHmRIToQQ/F8nIjw4oagodniAwQaQOLKm+QY= thats dps with my roforge and gear!/dVDBboMwDP2XnHNoKLSR3okdhsoObSegUxGHBEYSIVXqxLq2Xz9DQGsPsyXH9nt+tlIKztrkDhFlCE6wWYcmNkDbf2A0d0sJ3A5gE0vM5voMIlRze5xxFwsE31NDDqQDkW5PJHPYQCzfMKm5iyH5eKCMqjkNtH/L3M+VJDuPJX61LVKfGLmbjwlgUzwsfqWjw/Wkave9r158FZPkF2WMs9o2i/fuXLjiuFBH1dbU03kNrfbQegmda8bLUvKo4kyQGv0EBLkMxwcJohMxBP/XaRADOaKoKDZYwWANSHyyqvoF and this is dps with Auto reforge ALL + Optimise Gems and there is no diffrence in dps there

Assasination rogues secons worst stat is expertise because there is going 75% spell dps so expertise or crit there is no much to got from any of them because 98% of any fight i am behind boss Smile

maybe there u are right but there is anyway not much lose your or my way u have in first 15/20 sec alot energy regeneration so u have combo points for all stuff Smile
Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:08 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 26 Nov 2007 Posts: 506 Location: Netherlands
If I use your reforges from Armory and then reforge the Crit instead of the Exp.
Plus optimise your gemming, its a gain of 24.7dps.
But its all in theory ofcourse, dont know how it works out in real boss fights.

Also I've tried out your rotation, I had 12 seconds to spare on my SnD when I hit Mutilate. Which kinda means I lost 3 Combo points there, so thats rougly a 20k dmg loss there.

But you do seem to know what your talking about and know that class Smile
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Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 12:25 pm Reply with quote
Wink ty alot for your good answers it's class I play long :)and I love it
Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:20 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 30 Mar 2008 Posts: 6351
Hi there. Out of interest, you have Sub as OS, how well do you play combat and do you have weapons for it? Ass is the better dps spec, but combat provides higher dps on certain HC fights

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Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 5:24 pm Reply with quote
i was combat before Fireland start got gear 359/some 372 items wepons are both 359 but got good skill with it Smile I changed to sub when new pvp set come its not problem i can be combat but will need some upgrated of gear for hc modes

cheers Cata
Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:33 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 30 Mar 2008 Posts: 6351
Ah yes. We declined this app few weeks back for using another guilds template. This raised some questions and some bits of feedback we received wasn't promising. I will therefore be declining this app. Goodluck in your search for a suitable Guild.

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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:49 pm Reply with quote
Hmm ok maybe I was wrong that fist time but u cant tell me any other reason about this apply than that.How can u judge someone before u even see him or have chat with him but anyway GL with your stuff
Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:13 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 21 May 2008 Posts: 406 Location: Holland

You know what they say about first impressions mate.. they tend to stick

Biohaze - shaman parked away
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Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:43 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 30 Mar 2008 Posts: 6351
Yea, we asked around when the app was made the first time to previous guilds you may of been in and feedback wasn't positive. Ofc, im fully aware you cant judge unless you see for yourself but were in a position where were looking for hardmode raiders so any doubts on any applicant tends to leave that app being declined. Nothing personal really, just doubt is a strong thing. Take it easy.

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