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Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:24 pm Reply with quote
Name : Rógas
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - sylvanas
Level : 85
Gender : Male
Faction : alliance
Race : draenei
Class : shaman
Spec 1 : elemental
Spec 2 : restoration


Name: Rogier

Age/Sex: 29/male oldie here Wink


Playable hours of day: i can play/raid every day!


Connection Type: ADSL - router

Connection Reliability: 10/10

computer config:
I7 920 ( bit oc atm )
crossair 12gb - 1600
msi n460gtx hawk

Working Microphone: yes


Character Name: Rógas

Character Race: Draenei

Character Spec: My main spec is elemental. My offspec is restoration. Since i did most of my raiding progress as an elemental, i feel most comfortable playing as an elemental. I did try out enhancement; but i kinda prefer to play at range. The last 6 months i'm focussing on my restoration spec. I healed some raidbosses in blackwing decent and bot, loads of daily hc dungeons,arena, bg's.... but it's still an offspec atm Wink

Character Sex: Male

Character Class: Shaman

Time Played: i've played 143 days in total, and 62 days on level 85

Proffessions and skill: 525 jewelcrafting and 525 enginering

Armory link + UI Screenshot:
(recent screenshot - here ya can also see my dps on occu'thar in bh)

Provide us with WOL:
This is a 2 weeks old wol-parce. Since i haven't played and geared much since i joined my current guild, i'm undergeared compared to the main-players in the raid set-up.

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving:

I started playing wow on another server; shattered halls. This is a very unbalanced low-populated server.

The first raiding guild i joined was 'fallen heroes'. A very friendly guild with very fun/social people. I've been member there for more then a year. And i have many awesome memories of my time i passed there Wink
But, in the months before the release of cataclysm, a lot of people made a final swith to the horde side. So, there weren't hardly any players/guilds left on the alliance side. Things got so bad, we couldn't organise a decent 25 guildrun anymore. Many people wanted to transfer the guild, others wanted to stay and stop raiding...
Several people started to leave, raiding kinda slacked and after a few weeks i decided to leave also... i had no choise if i wanted to continue raiding... (sad story Wink i kno )

First thing i did was looking for a well balanced high populated server. After that i looked for a guild who were in need of an active elemental shaman.

Anointed on this server needed an elem shammy. So i wrote an apply, got on trial, transferred, and played like 5-7 weeks with them. After that i became a member.

A month or 2 ago, purge (another guild) merged with our guild. Because they where both low on active members. Around 10-12 core players of purge joined. One of them was a much higher geared elemental shammy (anastaria).

Because it was only 4 weeks before the release of firelands 4.2, it was decided to do as much progress as possible with the best raid-setup. Because i was much lower geared i ended up on the bench.

I was told their would be an rotation for the firelands raids... But i stayed on the bench, getting more and more undergeared ...

honestly, i like the people in anointed, but i've done like 4 raids in 6 weeks ;-/

so, basically, i'm looking for a new home. A raiding guild focused on progress, and that gives me a chance to raid now and then Wink


Why did you choose to apply to us(think carefully) :
The reasons why I'm so set on joining your guild are actually quite clear:

- progress and dedication -
- 25 man- raids
- high skilled players Wink

What are your expectations from us?:

-A chance to prove myself!

-A friendly bunch of people, with lot's of social contacts and fun during the day... A guild where people feel themselves at home Wink

-An open guild, where officers give lot of information and uphold strong moral values.

-A guild were personal imput is apreciated ,-)

basically, i wanna be part of a fun exciting bunch of people

Are you aware that you need to bring consumables for every raid even if it is a farm instance?:

I have alchemy on one of my alts, so that's np Wink


my alts:

85 - dk
85 - hunter

below 85 - mage/warlock/druid/pala/priest

about my charakter:

I'm not the highest geared shammy that's out there, as you can see Wink
But yeah... gear is gear, and that's something that can be solved.

next week, i'll have enough valor points, to buy a second tier-set piece. Also i keep farming -avengers of hyjal- rep to be able get a better trinket and both 391 rings.

I'm using several sites to get as much information about my charakter and spec as posible. So i'm getting the maximum out of my current gear-set.

Some of the websites i use are: totemspot - elitejerks - maxdps - mmo - wowpopular - ...

While i know wich gear/gems/enchants/stats i need to get; i'm also using 'askmrrobot' to make sure everything is maxed out perfectly.

My talent build is based on a standard build. I've put 3 points in elemental warding. Extra survability is always a good thing Wink


Most people mis-understand the nature of a shaman.

1 We shammies gives buffs to the whole raid as you all know Smile
2 We have some interesting abillities ... that can be very usefull!
interupts - slows - knockbacks - purges - hex - bind elemental ...
3 And we have a substantial dps/damage output ... i know, it's not the highest ... but on certain bosses we're not that bad

The point i wanna make: i think people are sometimes a bit too focused on dps/damage output when they evaluate a shaman.

Often i feel the presure as shamman to only focus on dps/damage during raids... and to neglect a bit our other abilities...

but yeah ... a shaman is a versatile karakter in a raidsetup... and i'm trying to do just that during a raid


I'm a sega-dreamcast-nitendo-playstation-xbox360 console-gamer for many many years now ... So, i have to admit, when i'm lazy and want to hang back i use a xbox-360 controller ,-)

Yes all my key are binded. Yes, i use tons of macro's Wink

I'm healing with a keyboard and joystick.

I'm also using a wireless laptop now and then, but i using my destop for raiding.


I've played like 162 days until now

I started raiding in wolk with 'fallen heroes'. Amazing times Wink Killing lk 25 normal, and then pushing for progress week after week to get to lk 25hc ... Wink

Cata has been a confusing time until now. Leaving Fallen Heroes, transferring to sylvanas, joining anointed, not raiding ...

MY ROTATIONS (more or less)

Since cataclysm a elemental shammy has more or less a priority order rotation. That kinda changes accordingly the situation asks for it ...

Single target: totems - potion - elemental mastery (when not on cd) - tinker (when not on cd) - trinket (int - when not on cd) - flameshock - lavaburst (when of cd) - several lightning bolts - earthshock when lighning shield has more the 6 charges - flameshock when buff needs to be refreshed

multi target: magma totem - earthquake - flameshock every 5 sec on other target - fire nova as often as possible - chainlightning - ...


i can play on the following days:

Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

my passion is photography

i'm single atm Wink

i'm between jobs at the moment ... previous job was administration in an accountancy firm (boring)

i'm playing crysis 2 and portal 2 atm

and !if you guys have any questions, shoot !
Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 12:57 am Reply with quote
Joined: 24 Jun 2009 Posts: 2234 Location: Sweden
It's generally frowned upon straying from our own application template, but this pretty much covers everything so I doubt it'll be a problem this time!

portal 2 = win

Gl on your app

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Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:24 am Reply with quote
Joined: 29 May 2008 Posts: 3036 Location: Scotland
Hi, Officers are having a look at your application.

As Heim mentioned, using your own template is frowned upon and we would prefer it if you used our own.

Can you also log out in PVE gear please.

Gotta catch em all...............yeah right!
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Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:17 am Reply with quote
Joined: 29 May 2008 Posts: 3036 Location: Scotland
Were going to decline your application. Just a few points to note, make sure you have runspeed either talented or on your boots. Using another guilds template is not a good idea either.

Best of luck in finding a new guild!

Gotta catch em all...............yeah right!
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