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Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:42 pm Reply with quote
About you
- IRL Name:Jamie
- Age:11
- Country:England
- How long have you been playing WOW?:Slightly over a year.

About your character
- In game name:Roliath
- Your armory profile link: - Class: death knight
- Mainspec: frost
- Offspec:Unholy
- Describe your playstyle:
- How long has this character been your Main Character?:9 months
- Current Realm (if different from Bronzebeard): bronzebeard
- Up to change talents build according to raid needs?: Sure
- Comments on armory profile (optional):
- Please list Alts of significance with Armory link: I have no other 85's
- If available, a link to a WWS/WMO or WOL report is surely appreciated:
- Post a screenshot of your UI.

Experience in raid instances (specify if on another char and the name)

25 Man Raiding
Cataclysm - Only done 10 man before
ICC - done 10 man only
TotGC - (what does totgc mean?)
Ulduar - have all 25 man achievements on this instance.
Pre-WotLK - I never played pre-wotlk.

10 Man Raiding
Cataclysm - Bot and bwd
ICC - Yes
TotGC - (what does totgc mean?)
Ulduar - have some 10 man achievements.
Pre-WotLK - I didn't play pre-wotlk

- Can you attend raids at least 4 days/week, in particular from 8:45PM to midnight/1AM (Server time)? I go to bed at 10:30 local time usually.
- Where you play (home, internet point, other):

- Guild history and why you left them:
becuase I wanted to join a raiding guild
- Why do you want to join Chimera?
Because i hear its an awesome raiding guild Smile
- What do you see as the most important things you bring to a raid?
Attitude, patience, a brain
- Any member in Chimera that can vouch for you?
No Sad
- The raid leader is drunk and not making too much sense. What do you do?
I give advice to the group
- Describe yourself and why we should pick you:
I am a mature (don't let me being 11 put you off), patient raider that works well with others Smile
- Other information that you may want to share with us (work, family):
- You have read and accepted the recruitment requirements.
Yes Smile
Hope i get accepted Smile Very Happy Very Happy
Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:47 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 21 Mar 2011 Posts: 786 Location: England
The minimum age requirement to apply for a place in Chimera is 18.

"I have to give props to Blizzard, as this is definitely the most clever "Content Accessibility Model" thus far. Legendary Meta gems. If you've made the effort, completed the chain, and obtained your meta, you're 10% more effective in raids! (or more in some cases)"

"...This just in: gear makes content easier! More news at eight."
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Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 4:47 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 22 Feb 2010 Posts: 858
Thx for your application, however, we will have to decline it as you are under our minimum age requirement and you can not attend our raid times because of it. GL playing the game and finding a suitable guild.
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